Copyright© Island Flag Technology - PO Box: 16523 - Sana'a - Yemen
Tel: +967 733 712 611
Iflag Technologies, was established in 1996 in Dubai
and opened its office in Sana'a on 2010 to provide
the genuine parts and participate in today's
fast-placed demands in terms of Marine and Oilfield
Iflag Support:

is committed to support customer in all manners
and under any conditions. Our policy in warranty was
totally designed to cover our clients. Most of the
products we sell are covered by -at least- one year
warranty against factory defects.

Iflag we think about our clients more than
thinking about profit. Your satisfaction is the real
Strong partnerships always
leads to success.  We
understand that we can't do
everything ourselves, but with
our strong partners, we
absolutely can..!
Client satisfaction is the most
important goal. Starving to
satisfy a client is much more
better than spending hundreds
of thousands on advertising
You are the secrete
of our success..!